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    We carry a huge range of quality products for your fluffy or feathered pet but our passion and true speciality is for man's (or woman's) best friend.
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Here at EasyPet we only sell the best quality products, beds, clothing and toys as we believe anything else is a false economy and could be detrimental to your pets safety and health. We source products from Europe, America and Canada to be able to do this and we are constantly updating our stock with new and innovative products.

We carry products from most furry or feathered friends but our true speciality is dogs. As professional groomers and passionate dog owners ourselves we love trialling new products with our own dogs to give them a thorough test enabling us to be able to advise our customers based on our own experience. 

Easypet is able to offer a unique personal service to each and every owner as their pets care and most importantly happiness is paramount to us - we are dedicated to providing a one to one service. This is something which fails to happen in the modern pet superstores as they are focused simply on the profit margins and targets.

We guarantee you the best, most knowledgeable service and experienced advice you’ll find in any pet store... with no obligation to buy.

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We stock top brand foods, toys, bedding and accessories for dogs, cats, birds and small animals - plus we have years of experience,
if you are local or in the area please come and visit us in the shop...

A happy dog's favourites


It is very important that your puppy or grown dog has a range of appropriate and interesting toys to play with - we can't stress this to customers highly enough with a new puppy otherwise it might chew on your things, instead of its own. Chew toys also provide mental stimulation, help to keep your dog's teeth clean and allow them to exercise their jaw and mind.


One of your dogs favourite things has to be their lead, the association of you picking up the lead creates excitement for the adventure that lays ahead. Ensure you choose a lead that is suitable for the size and breed of your dog, not too long, too short or too heavy.
Feel free to speak to us and we can recommend the lead is best suited to your particular dog.


Like you your dog benfits from a comfortable bed, so buy a bed big enough for it to grow into, and stretch out in. We carry huge selection and the knowledge to best advise on buying the right bed for your dog but also what you should look for in the future.
Also consider the amount of time your dog spends on their bed before making your purchase.

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