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    Easy Pet are believers that providing high quality and natural food, made with the best ingredients always nourishes healthier, happier dogs. As everyone says 'You are what you eat!'
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Here at EasyPet our passion is to help pets and their people to make the right decisions and to choose the right food for their health and happiness, which is why we are pioneers in only recommending natural pet foods. We are helping to revolutionise how people feed their dogs and cats - providing quality, natural pet food, made with the best natural ingredients to nourish healthier, happier pets.

Our unique natural & healthy feeding pet store has an extensive range of the best selection of natural, Biologically Appropriate Real/Raw Food (BARF) and high meat content ranges.

Brands such as Natural Instincts Raw Food, Acana, Canagan, Country Hunter, Lily’s Kitchen, Nature’s Menu, Orijen, Taste of the Wild, Burns, Barking Heads and Forthglade, to mention but a few,  bring massive health benefits to your dogs and cats. Improved behaviour, increased alertness, energy levels, and appetite and smaller less smelly stools are just some of the many advantages of giving your pets a more natural diet. And they’ll go wild for it without a doubt.

You are what you eat so why would this not be true for your pets too?

As part of our promise to our customers, our rigorously trained pet care advisors are here to give you the best independant advice about all the foods you see on our shelves to arm you with as much information as needed to help you select the right food for your pet. We know most of our customers want to avoid added preservatives, fillers, derivatives, colourants and wheat glutens, so we make it easy for you to spot them in your pets' food and treats too by explaining how the label works and what to look out for.

We guarantee you the best, most knowledgeable service and experienced advice you’ll find in any pet store... with no obligation to buy.

Dog Food Labels Explained

If you elect to feed your dog commercial food, here’s what to look for and what to avoid when you’re standing in front of a shelf of carefully designed bags, cans, pouches or boxes.

High-quality named animal proteins should always be the first ingredient, and, ideally appear more than once as top items on the ingredient list. Note that whole meat is made up of a lot of water (up to 75 percent), so if a whole meat is listed as the first item, the food might not contain an equal amount of meat by weight unless there is another whole meat, or a specifically named meat meal (chicken meal, for instance, which is about 10 percent water). Avoid foods that use generic “meat” meal; the actual type of meat needs to be named: lamb meal or chicken meal, for example. Fat should also come from named source, avoid generic “animal” fat.

Whole fruit, vegetables and whole grains which contain the entire grain kernel. For example, rice rather than rice flour or bran. Refined grain products, gluten and mill runs should be avoided.

Natural preservatives like tocopherols (Vitamin E) and Vitamin C, or antioxidants like rosemary extract.

Avoid: All by-products (from meat, grain or any other source); added sweeteners (which are usually listed as grain fragments); artificial preservatives such as BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, propylene glycol; and artificial flavors or colors.

A deeper understanding into your dogs food


Proteins are complex molecules made up of amino acids, the building blocks of cell growth, maintenance and repair. In companion animals, one of the biggest demands for protein comes from the maintenance of fur and hair, which can use up to 30 percent of the daily protein intake, according to Barbara Fougère, BVSc.

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Although dogs do not need carbohydrates because their bodies can get energy from protein and fats alone, carbohydrates that can be broken down by the digestive system and converted to glucose can also be a source of energy. (Carbs can be the main caloric source in some dog foods.)

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Fats provide the most concentrated source of energy in the diet. They also supply the fatty acids that are important building blocks for important substances and essential to maintaining normal, healthy cells. Along with protein, fats contribute to a diet’s palatability, plus aid absorption of the fatsoluble vitamins A, E, D and K.

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