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    Re-homing a rescued dog is a big commitment but it also very rewarding - could you give a rescued dog a new home?
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How We Rehome Dogs

Our website is regularly kept up to date with the dogs in care and available for rehoming in the rescue and stray kennels in our surrounding areas.  All information is provided by them and we are not directly responsible for any of the animals shown.  The dogs remain the legal responsibility and ward of the individual rescue centres and they ultimately make the decision as to where a dog is rehomed and if you are a suitable home or not.  Our position at EasyPet is to try to help widen the net for potential new homes for these poor abandoned dogs and to help connect you to the right people and of course the right dog, therefore helping the very busy rescues and of course the dogs themselves.  We don’t have a rescue centre of own and are not able to take in stray or unwanted dogs, however we often try to help people rehome their pets if they are already in a home.

The dogs may be in kennels or in a foster home, depending on which rescue they are in the care of. These are available for viewing by appointment with the rescue for which details will be provided upon request.  We like to discuss with people prior to them visiting the dogs to ensure we have a potential match therefore not wasting anyone’s time.   If we do not think the dog you are interested in is a good match then we will of course do our best to recommend another that may be more suitable. Dogs find open viewings with people wandering around and staring at them very stressful, it causes much unrest and discomfort so matching a dog to an owner in lifestyle and personality is the best thing all round for everyone involved.

Once you have a suitable match, you may need to complete the Homefinder Form attaching photos of home, garden, previous pets, and current fencing and gates, depending on which rescue the dog is with.

Once you have submitted your Homefinder Form the recue staff will call or email you and discuss the options to let you know if that specific pet you have requested is available still and if they think you are both the right match. Usually within 1-2 days.  If we do not think we have anything available at this time to suit you, we advise you to keep checking our website for the dogs and cats do change regularly as new ones come up for rehoming.

The rescues don’t rehome dogs just for the sake of rehoming them.  They have saved these dogs lives, nurtured and cared for them, walked them, taken them to the vets, cuddled them, put them new blankets in and told them “everything is going to be ok”  They want them to get in the right home – for life, not just ‘any’ home as you can understand and as they understand and know the dogs best, we ask that you respect their decision as to whether a particular dog is suited to you or not.  Don’t be disheartened! It is very important to match the right person with the right pet to ensure a lifelong relationship is made.

If, together we all think that we have a pet suitable for your requirements, we let you know how to meet up with that pet.  If at kennels, most centres are open 5 days a week for appointments or if your pet is in a foster home, arrangements need to be made directly with the fosterer when they can accommodate your visit.  If you do make an appointment please be considerate to them. They are sharing their lives with this pet and it is often very hard for them to meet up with potential adopters only for them to be let down at the very last moment which disrupts their family life too.

You will need to take along two forms of identification, one with proof of current address. If you are renting they will  need to see proof that the landlord allows pets at the property.

On certain occasions we may need to arrange a home visit but this is not always the case as long as your references check out fine and we all feel its right, it is possible that you can take the pet home that day – but we will talk to you to ensure that you have made sufficient plans and that it is the right thing to do.  Alternatively, arrangements can be made for taking the pet home at a later date. Some of the rescues will not ‘save’ or ‘reserve’ dogs as as you can imagine, if they then changed their mind the dog could have missed out on another potential loving home and this simply would not be fair to the dog.  We would rather have the dog in a home than in kennels and for each dog taking up a kennel space, we are losing others and so urge you only to start to look for a pet once you are ready.

How much does it cost?

Each rescue has a rehoming package with a rehoming fee and these will be advised at the contact point of interest.  This fee goes towards the running costs and not just for that one dog as most cost much more than the fee asked.  Rehoming fees are non refundable. In circumstances where it is in the best interests of the dog to be returned to Rescue the adoption fee may be refunded but this is entirely at the rescues’ discretion and we do not have any influence on this at all.

We CANNOT guarantee any of the dogs that we rehome.  Most rescues do behavioural assessments during the time they are in their care and can tell you what they have seen whilst they have been with them.  However, dogs may and will react differently to other people, other pets (resident dogs or cats) or strangers dog or cats once they are rehomed with you.   It does take time for things to settle and also takes training.   We ask that you help them to understand your rules.  The dog didn’t know what these rules were before he joined you.  He isn’t your last dog, he doesn’t know your special commands or words but he will try as hard as he can to understand you.

Be aware, that they very rarely have any history on a dog before it comes to them and can only advise of what they are like based on their time whilst in their care. Often these behaviours can change once the pet arrives into a home environment but it will also react to how you are with it – some people expect alot from them but we ask you to remember that it is a very confusing and scary time for most dogs and they appreciate being given time to relax and to learn to trust you and this does not mean that you must feel sorry for them or continually cuddle them, just give them space and provide calm reassurance and affection at appropriate times whilst maintaining your rules and boundaries.   Remember, start as you mean to go on!

We ask you to think long and hard before taking on any pet. It is a lifetime commitment and it is unfair to take on a pet thinking you can exchange, swap or return when your circumstances are not suitable.  We ask you to consider your lifestyle and plan that you are taking on this commitment for the rest of its natural life.  However most of the rescues and ourselves of course are here to help whenever you need advice or support and simply ask that you don’t give up on your rescue dog as his/her previous owners obviously did before you.  Most issues are born of bad homes and being let down by their first owners and there is nothing that cannot be worked through.  If you do this you will have the most wonderful dog who will love you forever and most importantly you would have stopped the cycle of abandonment and saved his or her life.   

Thank you for considering a rescue dog.

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